Sunday, June 5, 2016

Eye Health and Glasses

I got my first pair of prescription eyeglasses when I got my driver's license about 16 years ago. I cannot see far away too well (thanks to playing video games and writing short stories for hours in front of the computer since I was a kid) so it would be risky for me to drive without seeing the traffic signs clearly. I hardly ever wore the glasses since I very rarely drive, so my second pair of glasses I got just about 4 years ago. I found that the best place to go for cheap glasses was online and so far I've gotten two pairs of glasses from online stores.
One funny thing I noticed was that when I would wear glasses at work (I worked in hotel customer service) guests would be much nicer to me than when I didn't wear glasses. Soon glasses became part of my work uniform for this specific reason. I mean, who doesn't want people to be nice to you, right?!
So now I have my "work glasses", my spare glasses in the car (my first ever glasses) and "home glasses" which I just received from GlassesShop. I wanted to go with something a little unconventional and picked these round pink Cornelia glasses. They're light and fun, just perfect for watching TV at night.

Since this is a healthy lifestyle blog I would also like to tell you about foods that may affect your eye health. Best foods for healthy eyes are dark leafy greens (they are great for just about anything which is why I love them!), orange pepper, black currants, bilberry and anything with high concentrations of Omega-3 fatty acids. And spending time outdoors in a natural light! You can also buy supplements especially targeting eye health like USANA's Eye Essentials.

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