Tuesday, May 17, 2016


I cannot even remember where this little Buddha came from but it has traveled with me through multiple apartments. We burn a lot of incense in our home and this is made for burning incense cones. 
Next to the Buddha you can find this lovely reindeer candle holder from Finland (Pentik) that at the moment holds few pieces of my everyday jewelry like my rings, "Miracles" bracelet and earrings.
This pretty Indian style box holds some of my crystals. I found it at my old job in NYC and since no-one claimed it for about a year, I took it when we moved to California. Sorry guys! It was me in case you were wondering where it went. It went with me :). 

Underneath the box is a hand cream from Madara. Non-toxic and super-rich, perfect to put on before bed and let work its magic overnight. I easily get rashes from soaps, lotions and detergents so I make sure there's no funny stuff lurking in them. Madara's products are safe and organic, nothing synthetic about them.
This picture is a picture I took of a picture back in Southampton, NY when I worked in a private residence. Hubby doesn't like to  have this profanity hanging on our walls so I keep it on our bedroom floor :). Hanging from it is my gym bag that holds my water bottle, leggings, sweat rag, almonds for after workout snacking and a warm pullover to keep me warm for the after-gym bike ride. 

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