Tuesday, April 19, 2016


I had a short but lovely visit to Nashville, Tennessee last month when I got the opportunity to work at a conference there. I really enjoyed the laid back vibe, handsome cowboys, the constant live country music coming out of the bars and restaurants from early morning on and best of all, the beautiful Southern accents. I wish I had an accent like that! I only had couple of hours in the morning before my flight back to see the downtown Nashville so I hopped on a tour bus and did a 90-minute sightseeing. Anyways, here's my photo diary outside the conference center (which is a whole 'nother post because it was gorgeous!). 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Day trip to Bodega Bay

Just a little over an hour away north of San Francisco, in the beautiful rural coast of Sonoma County, is a little town called Bodega Bay. We came here to have lunch for my mother-in-law's birthday, and saw seals chilling in the sun right by the window of the restaurant. On the drive up we also saw tons of cute cows, horses, sheep and goats grazing away in the big hills with plenty of space(no factory farms over here).
We had lunch at Lucas Wharf that has seafood inspired menu and it is located over the water by the boat docks. After lunch we drove to Bodega Head which is a gorgeous place for whale watching. The wind was horrific and ocean rough and I thought I would fly away so stayed away from the edge of the bluffs. We did not see any whales needless to say, since we were only able to stay for a couple of minutes. I've never experienced wind like that before! We also stopped by a kite and candy store for some salt water taffy.

Friday, April 8, 2016

New interview series: WOMEN IN WELLNESS

I'm super excited to announce my new interview series called Women in Wellness where I ask few quick-fire questions from the wellness change makers and hopefully this will give you some simple tips and ideas on how to live better.I'm starting with myself! :)

Your food philosophy
Local, organic, plant-based, minimally processed. My goal is to get 90% of my food from our local farmers market and no, I'm not there just yet.

Dream breakfast
Fresh fruits and green juice followed by a creamy cinnamony smoothie, avocado & veggie toast (on Ezekiel bread), roasted potatoes with green cashew cream.

Daily breakfast
Green smoothie, herbal tea (+ Yerba Mate), cinnamon oatmeal+almond milk + berries or fruit, and/or toast with hummus.

Go-to juice or smoothie
Smoothie: Banana, pear, greens, cinnamon, almond butter, celery + superfoods (interchangeably maca, green powder, plant-protein, bee pollen, raw cacao).

Morning routine
Short meditation in bed (5-10 mins, I use Insight Timer) while stretching my back, shoulders and neck. Morning Pages for 3 pages (writing anything that comes to my mind, things I'm grateful for, organizing my plans and wishes for the day). Bathroom and tongue scraping. Walk around the house and open all the blinds. Light an incense. Boil hot water for my daily warm lemon water and herbal tea. Take supplements with lemon water. Drink tea while going through emails.

What supplements do you take
USANA's Essentials, sublingual B-Complex. Homeopathic remedy once every 6 months (from my homeopath). 

Your fave kitchen tool

5 pantry staples
Raw almonds, quinoa, gf crackers, nutritional yeast, almond butter. 

What do you always have in your fridge
Organic lemon juice, hummus, Louisiana hot sauce, greens.

Favorite thing to cook for friends
Salad with a warm component such as roasted sweet potatoes. Nana cream or mousse for dessert.

Favorite way to workout
Riding my bicycle, flow yoga.

Strange or not so strange wellness habit
Tongue scraping, dry brushing, oil pulling.

Favorite thing to wear
Leggings, tunics and scarves. Oh, and maxi dresses.

Favorite place you've travelled to
Kathmandu, Nepal.

Where would you like to travel
Bali, Costa Rica and some quiet island in Thailand. 

Your favorite healthy place in your city?(yoga studio, restaurant, cafe, juice bar)
Yoga To The People (gorgeous loft in Mission District, donation based) and Pressed Juicery (love their green brazil Nut Milk!)

One piece of health advice
Slow down. When you talk. When you walk. When you listen. When you eat. When you drink. 

Healthy recipe to share

Monday, April 4, 2016

My favorite cookbooks at the moment

Hello beautiful people! I've just returned from a nice work trip to Nashville, Tennessee and catching up with all the other stuff going on. It was my first time there and although I worked most days I reserved an extra night so that I could sightseeing for few hours in the morning before my flight back to California. Photos coming soon!
It's been a while since I posted anything book related so I should give you an update on my current favorite cookbooks. If you didn't already know, I love cookbooks. I do not like to follow recipes (I hardly ever did even in culinary school), but books are a source of inspiration that no website could ever give me. Don't get me wrong,I do also love food blogs and colorful foodie Instagrammers, but an actual book just has that something special.
I forbid myself from buying new books since our cross country move, and because we still haven't really settled down here in California when it comes to an apartment. We really like our current one where we've stayed since January, especially the big, brand-new kitchen and the location, but it's missing a proper yard so we are most probably going to move again in December. We are living in state where the weather is outdoor appropriate most time of the year so of course we'd like to have a nice yard to hang out all day long, instead of being indoors. So keeping our eyes open for any cute bungalows.
Anyways, back to books! Here are my current culinary favorites. They have big, colorful photos of the dishes which is super important to me. No pictures = no inspiration. Recipes in these books are also easy to make and no exotic specialty ingredients needed.