Friday, February 26, 2016

Sushibar + Wine (Helsinki)

While in Helsinki we celebrated my sister's birthday on Valentine's Day. She picked a sushi restaurant since my parents had never had sushi before and we thought that would be fun to watch them eat it :).
For starters we had some nutrient-dense yet delicious seaweed salad. Seaweed is filled with antioxidants, calcium and a broad range of vitamins. We also ordered some kimchi because it's my personal favorite. Kimchi could have been way more spicy for my taste but it was just perfect for my mom who has very low tolerance for hot spices.
Sushibar + Wine 
Kulttuuritehdas Korjaamo
Töölönkatu 51 a-b, 00250 Helsinki

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Three meals for a good day

Coconut milk yogurt with frozen berries that were defrosted and heated slightly in a pan together with cinnamon.
Probiotic Miso-Tahini Soup topped with nutritional yeast and hot sauce served with gluten-free crackers and hummus. Recipe here.
Banana, greens, almond milk and chocolate plant-protein powder make one delicious milkshake.