Tuesday, January 19, 2016


It is that time of the year again when I get all excited setting plans for the next 12 months and dreaming how wonderful everything is going to be and how much I will accomplish. What is my goal? What makes me feel most alive, connected and successful? What do I want to experience? I found this article on Selfgrowth.com that helps to stick with your resolutions by changing them into intentions. The article advices you to "imagine yourself having what you want. Use all your senses to create the imagery. What does it look like when you have it? What do you hear? How does it feel? Make the picture or impression as intense as you can. Add color, sound and movement until you get the feelings of already having it. Now that you know what it feels like to have what you want, change your resolution to an intention."
Here's the difference between a resolution and intention; "Resolution refers to something you have to figure out, an action you take with firm determination. Sounds like hard work. That's not bad, but it isn't what you most need in order to get you what you want in the long run. 

An intention is a purpose held in mind, a desired goal you want to experience. It's more than hope or a wish. It's a steadfast fixed idea. Just thinking about having, being or doing it gives you pleasure.There's innate power in intention."

How do you want to FEEL in 2016? 

Make a list of goals, where you want to travel, names of people who you want to spend time with, events you want to attend. Just be sure to include how those things will make you feel. 

Keep this list so you can refer to it, add to it, and look at it next New Year's Eve. You'll be amazed at how much progress you'll make and the life perspective this exercise gives you.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Chai Spiced Smoothie for Winter

I must admit that that I've slipped from my green smoothie routine during this coldish and rainy California winter. In the mornings when I wake up I want something warm to drink so first thing I do is boil a big pot of water and then have my half glass of warm lemon water and then have 2 huge cups of herbal tea mixed with cinnamon, cayenne, turmeric and chia. So smoothies have become more of a snack instead of breakfast for me. Throwing in some warming spices makes it more interesting so here's a super simple chai spiced smoothie base. You can always add a handful of greens to make it more nutritious. Sprinkle raw cacao nibs on top for fun crunch!

Monday, January 11, 2016


Whenever you feel that craving for chocolate, don't go for the Snickers Bar. Instead choose better chocolate! BarkTHINS snacking chocolate is a great alternative to those junk-filled chocolate bars. BarkTHINS are non-GMO and Fair-Trade Certified dark chocolates with your choice of coconut, almonds, pumpkin seeds and other flavors.

Still my absolute favorite skin care product. It smells so good I could eat it and is toxin free.

Recommended by my homeopathic doctor I take 5 drops before bed to keep my reproductive system strong and balanced.

I can't remember where I bought this because it's so old but I love burning incense cones in this happy Buddha's pot.

Little late in the season now but I really enjoyed my nightly hot drink of glogg mixed with some red wine during the Christmas time. Makes me feel really warm and cozy. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What I eat : Breakfast

Breakfast is not my favorite meal of the day because I just simply don't often feel hungry before noon, but there are days every now and then when I crave for something filling instead of just drinking tea. Although my first tea cup of the day is also pretty amazing: herbal tea, yerba mate, chia seeds, chili powder, cinnamon, turmeric and black pepper. Here are few of my favorite breakfasts:
Oatmeal: I ate tons of oatmeal as a child, but not the healthiest type. I added milk and tons of sugar to it. Since doing my first annual candida cleanse I started making oatmeal without processed sugars and using green apple pieces as a sweetener instead. My method for making oatmeal: I soak organic, steel-cut oats overnight with filtered water and little lemon juice (suggested by my homeopathic doctor). In the morning I dump it all in a pot, let simmer in low-heat for about 10-15 mins in almond milk, add himalayan salt, raw almond butter, tons of cinnamon and once ready, top with green apple pieces and some more cinnamon (I can never have enough cinnamon).
Fresh fruit: Nature's perfect food. Wash, cut and snack. Nuff said.
Pancakes: This treat is usually enjoyed on Sunday mornings in our household. I use organic pancake mix where I add some cinnamon (sometimes gluten-free, sweet-potato or millet flour based). Always cook with coconut oil (has high smoke-point) and top with local jams and maybe little cashew whipped cream (and sprinkle with cinnamon, of course!). Try this recipe!
Avocado toast: Keep it simple. Good toast, preferably something with lots of seeds (I love seeds!), half an avocado per slice, hummus (sometimes), sprinkle with himalayan salt or kelp granules, nutritional yeast for cheesiness, fresh ground black pepper, Louisiana hot sauce and top with whatever veggies I have available (bell pepper, cucumber, tomato).
Gluten-free quinoa-carrot flatbreads with hummus: Oh so good. I keep the dough in the fridge couple of days and bake just a few flatbreads at once so I always have hot-from-the-oven bread. This recipe leaves lots of space for creativity and I often add different spices, seeds and nuts to the mix. Recipe here!
 Chia pudding: Best enjoyed during the hot summer time. There's so many variations you can make to keep things interesting. I love mixing banana to the pudding base so I don't need to add any other sweetener. Try: Warming Chia Pudding, Basic Chia Pudding Breakfast Bowl, Banana Chia Pudding or Chocolate Chia Pudding.   
Homemade granola: I absolutely prefer making my own granola so I can control the amount of sugar that goes into it. Store bought granolas are just waaaay too sweet for my taste (and most of them have raisins that I despise :)). Plus, every time I make my own our home smells amazing. I love eating it with coconut milk yogurt. Recipe here!
 Soup: Might be a bit unconventional in the Western world, but soups are quite the perfect breakfast. Soup is considered up to the task of being part of the most important meal of the day in many places like in the Middle East, Asia and Latin America. Colombians have changua, Mexicans their menudo, Vietnamese have pho, Japanese miso and Chinese jook, to mention few. I love this miso-tahini soup that's not only tasty but uber-healthy and amazingly healing for your digestive system. 
Green smoothie: Staple in my kitchen for years now. Packs a nutritional punch, quick to make and consume, portable and highly modifiable. I keep rotating the ingredients weekly, add all kinds of superfoods and during the cold season I add warming spices. Check out my basic green smoothie recipe.