Thursday, December 10, 2015


golden gate bridge san francisco
San Francisco. What a 3 weeks it has been. I've been working overnight shifts and the first 2 weeks was fine. I was kind of excited to have 8 hours at night to do my own thing and get paid for not really working, but the last week was just horrible. I did nothing but sleep all day after getting home, woke up cranky, hangry, unenergized, then ate, stayed up couple of hours and then went to nap for few hours again until it was time to leave for work at 10.15pm. I'm not built to work at night, especially this time of the year. You miss all the sun when you go to sleep at 8am and wake up at 4-5pm. Not good for the soul.  I hope that I will never have to do another graveyard shift again. 

If I thought San Francisco was grimy and gritty during daytime, check it out during the hours of 1am-4am. I've never seen as many prostitutes, addicts, shady people and homeless people going back and forth the street in front of my hotel. We actually lock the doors at 1am and won't open them until about 5.30am. Last thing you want to deal with is a meth-head in your lobby while you are all by yourself. San Francisco is one of the most realest places I've ever lived in. It's exciting, pretty, ugly, super laid-back, but most of all, unpretentious. I love it. 
green smoothie with bee pollen vihersmoothie siitepoly
Green smoothies. Waking up hangry after fasting from 7pm-4pm (I can't eat at night, I just don't get hungry) I made sure I had pre-made foods in the fridge I could just warm up or shake up and eat, like smoothies and soups. This stopped me from eating junk while on that crazy hungry, tired and angry mood. I was like a bear waking from hibernation. 
cancer preventing red cabbage cole slaw i batch cooked
Cabbage. Especially red cabbage. I've been eating cabbage for days because it's one of my favorite veggies. I love the crunch and the taste so instead of cooking it every time, I decided to make a big batch of slaw together with some sweet onion, green bell peppers and carrots. Red cabbage is great for your eye health, cancer prevention, it's filled with fiber, Vitamin C (1 cup of chopped red cabbage has 56% of the recommended daily intake) as well as Vitamin K. 
clementines and pomegranate for healthy snack winter season
Fruits. I've been craving for fruits lately and even my cavity filled wisdom tooth screaming for help has not stopped me (ok, I seriously need to get that pulled out asap). 
my favorite teas hibiscus, kava stress relief, raspberry ginger digestive vitality, cranberry probiotic tea and everyday detox tea
Tea-time. This is one of my favorite rituals in the morning, and sometimes at night. I did not drink any coffee during my 3 weeks of overnight shifts because I was afraid how my body would react (I'm quite sensitive to coffee). So I brought lots of herbal tea with me and drank them all night long. In the morning on my way back home I had Kava tea which works really strongly on me. It really relaxes me a lot and gives me nice, deep sleep.

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