Thursday, November 5, 2015

3 month update from San Francisco

I can't believe I've been living here just for 3 months! Feels like a year! What I love about San Francisco: pretty hiking grounds, mountains, public transportation, space to breath, mild weather, sun, amazing Asian foods, sourdough bread, perfect distances for little road trips and overall "laidbackness". I've just started working part-time in a luxury hotel to meet new people, get extra cash and get out of the house. Super cute little place where everyone has been very welcoming and nice. And laid-back. 
My go-to yoga studio is Yoga to the People. It is huge, bright, lofty, donation-based and right next to the Bart-station. Also looking forward to testing out Laughing Lotus yoga studio and trying barre for the first time ever. It's good to expand our horizons. 
And of course I've found few places to get my green juice fix. So far I've tried Pressed Juicery, Project Juice and Sidewalk Juice. Too bad there's not one near my job so I have to bring homemade smoothies with me to work until one opens up. I'm working on my food-for-you guide to San Francisco where I've collected my favorite healthy spots in this city See my NYC guide here.
Our lease ends in December and they are raising our rent a lot if we decide to renew it, so wish us luck finding another place before the year is over. Not the easiest task in this sky-high rental market. Follow more of my West Coast daily musings here.


  1. San Fran looks fabulous and laid back indeed! Hope you guys get a great new place... :)

    1. Thank you Kea! House hunt starts today! Have a great weekend! XO


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