Monday, November 23, 2015


Here's an example how I keep healthy eats available for the work week. These are salads, but you can do the same with whatever you have planned to eat that week, like stir-fries, veggie bowls, tacos and so on.
The plan:

Sunday (or any day you pick as your prep day)

-Prepare and store beans for salads. Cook quinoa or other grains.

-Wash, spin and pack hearty greens such as kale or collards into produce bags (these keep things fresh longer).

-Cut carrots, slice radishes, prepare other firm juicy root veggies and pop them into sealable glass/plastic containers with a little cold water.

-Bake, cool and pack up crunchy nut toppings, chickpeas and croutons.

-Make a salad for dinner. Make extra and pack up your lunchtime tote first before eating your fill. Avoid the sog by keeping the dressing on the side to add when you ready to eat.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Make your dinner salads with the remix of those ready-to-use ingredients such as beans, seasoned tofu or nuts, croutons and greens and fresh veggies, roasted chickpeas and ready to eat proteins you prepped over the weekend. Make a double batch of your favorite recipe and before serving yourself, pack half in a to-go-container for next day's lunch.

Thursday or Friday night

Try planning two or three salads, one for Sunday and one or two more for early in the week, and take those first steps towards building healthy habits. If you have Friday night plans do your shopping Thursday night.

The weekend

Big shopping trip! Purchase produce, grains and pantry items.
Stock up on more green bags or containers for storing ingredients.
Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning make a steamy soup or fluffy pancakes. You’ve eaten enough salads!

Other tips:

-Cut oranges and lemons into wedges and store in the fridge.

-Have hummus and healthy crackers around for snacks (I love gluten-free Mary's Gone Crackers!)

-As a general rule for prepping, try to use up the salad components within five days.

-Creamy dressings (like avocado based ones) are best eaten within 3 days and vinaigrettes can go for almost a week.

-Tofu, Tempeh and Seitan once seasoned and cooked should be eaten within 2 days.

-Beans, cooked quinoa and other grains are best eaten within 2-3 days.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Warm Ginger Pear Smoothie

I prefer all my drinks room-temperature or warm (including water), probably because I'm Vata according to Ayurveda and almost always feeling cold rather than warm. I use lots of warming spices like cinnamon, cayenne, cardamon and turmeric (in cooking, smoothies as well as with my morning tea), but never thought to slightly warm up my smoothie before. This recipe for Warm Ginger Pear Smoothie is great for breakfast or snack during the colder season.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


I've learned in my 30-something years in this life that planning is the key to eating healthy. Sometimes I slip (like just two weeks ago when I started a new job and did not plan my lunches), but I always go back to my planning ritual. 

I pick a day of the week when I'm off, like Saturday, and that's also the day there's the farmers market so I can stock on fresh produce. For most people with normal jobs the planning and shopping day will be Sunday. Grocery shopping is the single most important thing when it comes to staying on track with a healthy eating plan.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

3 month update from San Francisco

I can't believe I've been living here just for 3 months! Feels like a year! What I love about San Francisco: pretty hiking grounds, mountains, public transportation, space to breath, mild weather, sun, amazing Asian foods, sourdough bread, perfect distances for little road trips and overall "laidbackness". I've just started working part-time in a luxury hotel to meet new people, get extra cash and get out of the house. Super cute little place where everyone has been very welcoming and nice. And laid-back. 
My go-to yoga studio is Yoga to the People. It is huge, bright, lofty, donation-based and right next to the Bart-station. Also looking forward to testing out Laughing Lotus yoga studio and trying barre for the first time ever. It's good to expand our horizons. 
And of course I've found few places to get my green juice fix. So far I've tried Pressed Juicery, Project Juice and Sidewalk Juice. Too bad there's not one near my job so I have to bring homemade smoothies with me to work until one opens up. I'm working on my food-for-you guide to San Francisco where I've collected my favorite healthy spots in this city See my NYC guide here.
Our lease ends in December and they are raising our rent a lot if we decide to renew it, so wish us luck finding another place before the year is over. Not the easiest task in this sky-high rental market. Follow more of my West Coast daily musings here.