Saturday, September 26, 2015


MORINGA OIL: I got this roll-on oil at the vegetarian festival in NYC. I was told it's great anti-aging oil (that's 100% natural unlike many other anti-aging products on the market) and also helps with acne, blackheads and dark spots. I normally just roll it around my eyes morning and evening before bed.
MOSES: No explanations needed. Mama's boy.
FRESH FRUITS: Fruit that was picked the same day as it's been eaten tastes totally different than something that's been sitting at Costco's plastics for days (maybe even weeks). I always get organic since there are so many organic farmers at our local farmers market, so I don't have to sacrifice anything. Way better than candy.
BIRCHBOX: One of my new year's intentions was to take better care of my looks (I'm a total tomboy when it comes to all things girly like hair and make-up), so I joined Birchbox. They send you once monthly deliveries of beauty samples, picked to match your preferences. You can customize your shipment by picking a sample or adding subscriber-only product deals! Get $5 off your first by clicking here: Birchbox!  
ALL NATURAL DEODORANT: Caitlin's Super Natural is still my favorite. Since it has zero harmful ingredients I feel good spraying it on whenever I feel like I need a little refreshing. I mean seriously, look at the ingredients: 
Organic IASC Certified Aloe Vera, 
Olive Leaf Ferment Extract, 
Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, 
Black Currant Fruit Extract, 
Witch Hazel Extract, 
White Genapi Leaf Extract, 
Lavender Essential Oil, 
and Organic Wildcrafted Cypress Essential Oil.

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