Thursday, August 13, 2015

Morning Rituals: How to wake-up without the stress

 I love rituals and creating them. I've never been a morning person, although for years I had to get up at 4.15am to get to work at the hotel. I tolerated it, but no, didn't like it. Especially because I left just enough time to get ready and rush to catch the train. Not one minute to spare, it was very carefully planned morning schedule in order for me to maximize my sleeping time and be able to get up as late as possible. Not the best start for your day for sure. Here are few of my tips to make mornings more serene and enjoyable: 

-Wake up to music rather than an alarm. If you have a song that energizes and inspires you, set that as your alarm. I like harp music, or this song.

-Don't get up right away. While breathing deeply, stretch your limbs from your fingers to your toes. 

-Think of the most positive thing you'll be doing that day. Think of 3 things that you are grateful for.
-If you have a private yard, patio or balcony, and the sun is out, step outside for a minute or two. Sunshine is one of the strongest ways to tell your body to wake up. 

-Do 5 minutes of easy activity. Anything that feels good. I love stretching, so either a few sun salutations or a quick yoga sequence like this, feels great.

-Drink plenty of liquids throughout the morning. I usually start with lemon water, then chlorella-spirulina cocktail and continue with herbal tea the rest of the morning. Some days I'll also have Yerba Mate if I feel like I need extra energy.

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