Friday, June 26, 2015

The Most Loving Kitty I've Ever Known

Today this little angel is turning 9 years old. I remember like it was yesterday when we brought him home. He was super skinny and his fur was a mess, but he wasn't scared the whole time we drove home 2+ hours from the countryside Pennsylvania. He purred on my lap, putting his cold nose against mine and touching my face with his little paws. He was named the Lover Boy then. Although halfway through the drive we came up with a name Moses. We already had Miina at home and we just thought those two names go well together. 
What else to say about Moses... He quickly grew from skinny baby to a muscular, big-pawed pitbull cat. He is extremely vocal, social, loving, foodie, snugglesome cat. He is also rambunctious and nonobedient. I cannot talk on the phone without him screaming his lungs out or if I concentrate on the computer too much he will start jumping on the kitchen counters (which he very well knows is not allowed in our house) to get attention from me. He sleeps on me and as soon as he hears my eyes open (how does he hear it?!) he will come and bite my nose if I try to pretend I'm still asleep. That's our Moses and we wish him the best birthday with treats, lots of playtime and snuggles. We love you baby!


  1. Hyvää synttäriä ihana ihana Moses! <3

    1. Mooses kiittaa! Taalla on jo laulettu aamusta ja syoty vahan extraherkkuja. XO


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