Monday, May 25, 2015


This colorful and eclectic part of town was one of my favorite places in San Francisco. It would be a dream to live here one day. When I first heard about the history of Haight Ashbury I immediately imagined hippies, drugs, peace and love. There's so many stores to buy tie-dye gear, pipes and other flower-power stuff, but also beautiful high-end vintage and second-hand shops, hip cafes and restaurants (that all seem to cater to veg heads as well!).

What I noticed during my quiet early morning coffee pick-up-walks by myself (I love exploring new places alone) is that everyone just seems to get along. No hostile vibes anywhere where the vagabonds camp, families with small kids eat alongside them and talk about the weather or food or whatever is relevant. Everyone lives together in harmony. There are a lot of homeless people (or as my husband prefers to call them, "travelers") at the entrance to the Golden Gate Park and strolling the Haight Street, but most of them won't even bother you with requests for change.
Another beautiful thing about this neighborhood: it's just a short walk to the humongous Golden Gate Park. I love it! Gorgeous park with so many things to see and do. Sorry Central Park, you lost your number one spot!

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