Wednesday, February 25, 2015


It has been so cold and snowy these past few weeks that I find myself searching for flights to the Caribbean almost daily. I've been really questioning myself why do I still live in this climate and not somewhere warmer, like California. Or Costa Rica. Why are we still here when neither one of us wants to be here anymore? So yes, big questions are being handled right now in our household. Things I've done to beat the cold and darkness:

1. Eating good, healthy food (and to keep the balance, doughnut a week is allowed :))
2. Drinking herbal tea, trying new flavors and brands. 
3. Short morning exercise straight out of bed
4. Learning new things daily (listening lectures, reading, webinars)
5. Going to bed early (when not working late)

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  1. Ihania kuvia ja toi lista on niin hyvä - pitää yrittää itsekin toteuttaa. se on niin pienestä kiinni miten saa olon paremmaksi.


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