Sunday, February 1, 2015


It has been such a busy January and I feel very proud and accomplished getting so much done. I am finally (after one little deadline failure) Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition. I have adopted a beautiful new one-hour morning ritual (20/20/20) that makes my entire day so much better, cleared and focused. It involves 20 minutes of exercise right upon waking, 20 minutes of learning (reading, studying, watching lectures etc) and 20 minutes of journaling and planning. What a game changer. Few other things that have come up to me this January:

Drink lots of alkaline water (pH 8.5 or higher). I've been drinking lots of herbal tea lately and definitely feel very dry so I've upped my plain (or lemon water) game again. Alkaline water hydrates you faster and may also help to heal diseases linked to chronic acidity in the body. See how different bottled waters compare (chart).

Fermented foods. I've experimented with homemade water kefir for its health benefits (immunity, digestion, mood) for some time now and next on my list is to make my own raw sauerkraut. Store-bought is so expensive!(if you want organic and raw, which I of course do).

Warming night cap. If you have trouble falling asleep, get into the routine of having something before bed that cues your body, such as a warm glass of almond milk with cinnamon and half a banana. (calcium-magnesium combination works as a natural muscle relaxant).

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