Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I've been doing lots of intention and goal setting this month, anything from the big picture to the small ideas and things I want to accomplish in my personal life as well as in business. For example, we really want/have to move so new home is on the list. Somewhere warmer would be nice, like California, but Finland would also be OK for a year or so. Our home should have an office for me to have my own peace to do studying and consulting clients. Nice white kitchen. Yard to grow our own organic food. I'd love to do yoga teacher training and incorporate teaching in my business plan. Doing it in some exotic island as an intensive experience would be amazing... And if we happen to be in California I'd love to take a course at M.A.K.E. to become a Raw Vegan Chef.
I've been practicing headstands and crows daily because I'd like to get comfortable with inversions during this year. I need to work on my arm strength, but headstand is coming along the way quite nicely already. Practice is all I need. I've been slacking with physical activity for a while now so establishing a home exercise routine is top priority, until it gets warmer outside again and I'm more willing to leave the house.
I ordered the Shining Life and Biz workbook by Leonie Dawson to help me stay on track with building a business. I'm going through Institute for Integrative Nutrition's Immersion program for the next 6 months as well, so if these two combined won't create results then nothing will. Very exciting times!

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