Monday, January 19, 2015


Life lately... Tons of herbal tea, wool socks, snuggling on the couch, scented candles, sage smudging, angels, Korean stews and .... daily exercise! I accidentally found Robin Sharma's Youtube channel and listened to one of his inspiring videos talking about the "Holy Hour" and how to get up early. It resonated with me since I'm not a morning person and have hard time getting up before 8.30am. 

In his video he suggested that during the "Holy Hour" (5am-6am) you do the following: 20 mins on exercise, 20 mins on learning (read, watch lectures, Youtube videos etc.) and 20 mins journaling and planning. I am not ready to start the 5am club yet, I'll wait until it gets a little warmer and lighter, but I have started doing my 3x20. What a game changer! My mood has improved, my mind is clearer and I have much more energy. I suggest you give it a try!
If you only have 40 mins in the morning combine the #1 and #2. Listen to lectures or audio books while exercising. As my workout I've done Tara Stiles' morning yoga sequences (can be found on Youtube) as well as Hip Hop Cardio that is in our Samsung TV's hub (or whatever that thing is called). I think dance and yoga are the best forms of exercise for me now, bootcamps I'll save until spring. 

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