Friday, January 9, 2015


 I received this cookbook from my IIN classmate just in time for Christmas and love the easy-to-make, no fancy ingredient- recipes that are all gluten-free and vegan. Get yours here. Also, make sure to ead her amazing survival story and how she healed herself with nutrition.
After Thanksgiving I picked up a box of clementines from Whole Foods and we've been totally addicted ever since. My husband eats about 8 per day, I probably around 4-5. Clementines are a sweet yet healthy snack option filled with vitamin C. One clementine has more than half of your daily value for vitamin C. They also contain tons of fiber, magnesium, potassium and some B vitamins. Bring them to work, yoga studio or whenever you're on the go and need a quick, portable snack.
 This is one beautiful book. My goal is to become a DIY domestic goddess and this book will get me there. I just know it. Buy it here and follow my lead.
 I've been testing these high-quality supplements for about a month now and can happily say that I approve! I love the conveniency of the HealthPaks (packed in AM and PM pouches, easy to grab and go, to deliver optimal nutrients the right time of the day), as well as their Hepasil DTX to assist in my daily detoxing efforts (liver cleanser) and Proflavanol C to keep me healthy during these winter months when everyone around me is sick. I've been drinking USANA's water soluble probiotic in the evening before going to bed and that has gotten things moving fast. Love it. Check them out in my store and contact me if you have any questions.
I'm in love with this planner. I've noticed increased productivity and lessening of procrastination just by planning and scheduling my weeks, days and hours ahead of time. Huge helper. Wish I did this years ago, could be way ahead of the game by now. :) Get yours here.

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