Wednesday, December 31, 2014


2014... What to say about you. It definitely wasn't the most fun year. There was one huge change in family life concerning finances, I graduated from IIN, started studies with Dr. Colin T. Campbell to become certified in Plant-Based Nutrition, worked a lot at my day job, made some new connections and became a small business owner as well!

We celebrated New Year in absolutely freezing Montreal. It was so cold that I didn't even take many photos. Next time I'll visit Canada will be strictly during the summer time. My year 2014 started off on a high note with a trip to Finland where I spent 3 wonderful weeks eating a lot, hanging out with fam and friends and just enjoying the quiet city life. Need to do this way more often. I also did a light 30-day Spring Cleanse and eliminated all sugar (including fruit), gluten, most starches, alcohol and caffeine from my diet. What a great way to spring to summer. And to celebrate the beginning of the summer we spent Memorial Day in Philly adoring this beautiful old city.
I haven't met too many celebrities despite working in Manhattan, but got the chance to meet with one celebrity vegan during her book tour in Jersey. We also felt the need to leave the city (need for this is more frequent now than ever before) and took a little midweek getaway to the countryside.
Summer was filled with fun events like the Night of renewal and we even managed to squeeze in one Picnic in the Park into this summer despite the hectic work schedules, as well as a little Midsummer celebration. This year I also started seeing homeopathic practitioner which has been very helpful in taking a total holistic approach to my health. I've had nutritional and supplement counseling with her on top of our regular sessions and feel confident I'm heading to the right direction for optimal health. 

Minimum one beach vacation a year is a must and we decided to take a short flight just over the border to Mexico and that trip inspired me to write about my Healthy Travel Essentials, because I get issues with my stomach every single time I fly. Otherwise Mexico was gorgeous (and extremely hot) and we spent most our time in the water and driving around the island with our little golf cart just admiring the nature.
October we did our "traditional" Pumpkin picking and carving party and I also attended Healthy Cooking Club in NYC which was fun.
2014 I also found a little more inspiration for cooking and whipped up a few really nice dishes. Here's some of my favorites:
Now off to the New Year! Let's make it fun and eventful!

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