Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I've started seeing homeopathic doctor since last summer. She came highly recommended through referrals and I've been so happy with her. She has similar holistic view on medicine and health as I do and I always leave my appointments inspired, energized and with wealth of information. Homeopathy is a safe, non-toxic system of medicine that has proven to be effective in treating both new and old diseases, including many thought to be untreatable. Homeopathy seeks to treat the whole person when conventional medicine focuses on treating the disease. It is the whole person who is affected by disease, and it is the whole person who responds to medicines. 
Homeopathic medicine is called remedy. Selection of a proper remedy is based on a homeopathic principle that is similar to the concept of vaccination, in which a substance that can cause certain symptoms if taken by a healthy person, can cure a person who is ill. Like will cure like. This is called the Law of Similars.

During our first appointment we discussed about any health concerns I had and how I wish I would feel. I don't have any major issues so I am keeping a record of few small issues (for example fogginess of the mind, low energy in the evening etc). I check in weekly with each issue and write down in a chart has the issue improved, stayed the same or worsened (I grade it from 1-10). This way we'll know if the remedy is working. For example after I ate the first remedy, 90% of my issues disappeared within a week. I went back after about 5 weeks, got a smaller dosage since the first one had worked so well, and did not notice any difference. 
It's totally normal that after seeing symptoms improve for a time, they will eventually start to return. This is called a relapse. Next time there will be some changes to the homeopathic treatment and symptoms will start to improve again. Usually, they will get even better than they were before the relapse. The healing process will follow this same pattern over and over again, but the relapses will become less and less intense and further and further apart until they stop occurring entirely.

Homeopathy is a powerful addition to a complementary wellness lifestyle, and can work with other modalities to support a holistic approach. It can dissolve long-term and even forgotten stress and trauma that have been stuck in your system for a long time. People who use homeopathy often start making healthier choices in other areas of their lives because their overall vitality is improved and their thinking is clearer.

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