Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Last week I ventured out to my favorite part of Manhattan, the East Village. I was not there for bar hopping, as some of you might have thought, but to attend a cooking class. Yes! My interests have totally changed at my old age :)! I haven't done cooking classes since vocational school and been desperately searching for inspiration to start creating more goodness in the kitchen (and not those same five dishes that have been done over and over again). I've watched cooking shows, bought tons of colorful cooking books, followed vegan cooking blogs, but nothing has gotten me as inspired as in-person cooking class. I've found the answer! 
I found Robyn online and been following her on Instagram for a while now. She seemed like a sweet person so I thought it would be really cool meet her and learn from her in person. Robyn's Cooking Club is held at a very homey environment: her home! I was the first one to arrive (the ever so punctual Finn) and was offered a glass of wine/water while waiting for the rest of the gang. After getting to know everyone we started preparing for the meal. This included kabocha squash (completely new veggie for me to try) and garlicky kale tacos, kale salad as well as gluten-free chocolate muffins with cinnamon coconut cream topping. Yum!
Robyn is funny and has a laid-back, no-fuss attitude on cooking. Things fall on the floor and spill around, but hey, that's what happens in everyone's kitchen. That kind of took the pressure off trying to be perfect. Because perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence :). I loved the evening with Robyn and the girls and will definitely be at the next one! Thank you Robyn for inviting me to your beautiful home and creating this experience. XO

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