Wednesday, October 22, 2014


 It's been hard to let go of the summer and prepare for the fall. Summer is my favorite time of the year, spring coming as a close second. To get ready, I've replenished my supplement (Zinc, Turmeric, D3, Chaga), candle and tea storage (lots of ginger, yerba mate & rooibos), packed away all the colorful summer dresses and sandals and dug out out the heavy scarves and boots from the storage boxes. This is also the time of the year when I like to pamper myself in order to balance the discomfort cold weather brings me. I have scheduled massages, short road trips, hiking, more cooking classes and gentle, slow flowing yoga classes at a new yoga studio in our town. And my latest feel-good (and look-good) obsession: Earthing (thanks to Juil!).
Unfortunately we don’t get a chance to spend enough time in nature nowadays. Don't you just love the feeling walking barefoot on the beach? Feet are our foundation because they keep us connected to the earth. The surface of the earth is like a giant battery. It carries a strong negative charge with a limitless supply of electrons. By connecting with the Earth’s surface, your body is able to absorb the negatively charged, free electrons that are continually renewed within the earth. When grounding or earthing, the harmful and unhealthy free radicals in your body are stabilized and a natural, balanced electrical state is established.  
Juil offers Earthing in their shoes by placing copper conductors through the soles of the shoes. Because copper is a conductive metal, you’re able to go about your day and experience the relief of Earthing on the go. My Lelo boots are super light and equipped with memory foam footbed. Hands down the most comfortable boot I've ever worn. So together with my yoga and meditation practice, these shoes play a role in keeping me calm, grounded and balanced in this life of constant ups and downs. Check out all the beautiful styles of Juil shoes here!

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