Saturday, October 18, 2014


It is now almost a "tradition" that we have Bloody Mary's when we carve our pumpkins (because we did it once before here). This time I wanted a Bloody Mary that actually tasted good so I made it from scratch using my favorite kind of tomatoes: heirlooms. The plan was to juice them, but I got too lazy to dig my juicer from the back of the cabinet and decided to use Vitamix instead, making it a smoothie instead of a juice. It didn't end up being thick at all like I first though, but very juice like. I didn't use any other liquids than lemon juice, very little vodka, some acai juice and the natural juice from the tomatoes I blended. I had no recipe and was missing Worcestershire Sauce (replaced it with organic tamari)so just go with your hunch on how much you need and try it often until desired taste has been acquired. That's what I did and the end result was deeeelicious.

Bloody Mary Smoothie
serves 2

3-4 large tomatoes
1/2 small horseradish pickle
3 tbsp tamari sauce
2 tbsp hot sauce
dash of salt
2 dashes of cilantro
3 dashes of cayenne
vodka (to taste)
1/2 cup acai juice

Throw everything in the blender and blend until smooth. Pour in a glass of ice. Decorate with cilantro or dill sprig, celery stick, pickle spear or olives.

P.S. One medium whole tomato provides 40% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C, 20% of the RDA of vitamin A, 2% of the RDA of iron, and 1% of the RDA of calcium. Lycopene is the natural substance (part of the carotenoid group) responsible for the deep red color in many foods, including tomatoes. It provides cancer fighting agent and a powerful antioxidant. Bottoms up!

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