Saturday, September 20, 2014


 It's been a week full of culinarist excitement, lots of hot yoga, cold mornings, warm days and even a little weekend getaway to Philly which was so much fun. We had dinner at Cuba Libre that was surprisingly delicious. Philadelphia Restaurant Week was going on and we were able to sample many things from the menu. Service was magnificent as well. 
The next morning started at the hotel gym with a little cardio and then off to brunch. The plan was to try the Green Eggs Cafe, but since they do not take reservations on the weekends the wait time was ridiculous. I really wanted to try their vegan French Toast. Plan B was our regular brunch spot where we've been going for years: Jones Restaurant. No wait at 11am and we were seated right away. Food was good once again, Jones never fails. 
This coming week I'll stick to my 80/20 eating plan, meaning that I'll keep it 80% super healthy and 20% can be indulgences like vegan Donarts... Followed by hot yoga. I'll also have my homeopathy appointment to review how the remedy I received last time has worked and maybe get a new one. Looking forward to the new week, autumn, burning candles, hot tea, pumpkin picking, Oktoberfest and all the other wonderful things. Love and light! Follow me on Instagram for more snapshots!

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