Friday, August 29, 2014


I started homeopathy with a care of a very nice MD in our town the day after we got back from Mexico and I must say that things are looking different, in a good way, since I took the remedy she prescribed. I'll miss my cafe mochas and mint ice cream (vegan), but I've noticed that I don't really need coffee to get through the day at work. Tea does just the same. If I want to sit at my favorite coffee shop and write, they also have some delicious chai made with almond milk. So I'm good. :)
It's been good to get back to the healthy, regular eating after vacation. Not to forget some indulgences every now and then. At the Bethlehem Vegfest we had quite a few vegan donuts (you may have seen them on my Instagram) and just yesterday we made the most delicious crispy thin-crust pizzas using a pizza stone (borrowed from sister-in-law) for the first time. What a difference! So worth the investment. 
I've also finally started the process of making my own water kefir. More about it later! I'll be working all weekend plus the holiday on Monday, but that's alright. I've got bills to pay! Enjoy your weekend! 


  1. I stopped drinking coffee 3 years ago in May, and have been happy with tea instead. The only coffee drink exception is the (hideously artificial but delicious!) Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. :)

    1. Oh yeah! My favorite was their soy mocha. So bad for you, but so addicting delicious. Food Babe just did a whole thing about how horrible the SB pumpkin spice latte really is. The thing with coffee was that it made me really creative. I loved sitting in a coffee shop on my day off, getting a cup of mocha and just let the imagine run wild. So many great ideas, motivation and inspiration. I haven't tried doing the same thing with just tea so we'll see if it'll have the same effect. It could also be the environment. Coffee shops tend to make you more productive than working from home. I think. :)


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