Sunday, August 24, 2014


The way we ended up going to Mexico was totally random. I was looking for hair straighteners on Groupon(found a good one!) and somehow got curious on Groupon Travel so started browsing around. Once the word yoga was mentioned on one of the resorts in Mexico I was immediately interested. I convinced my husband that we should go to Mexico for vacation and booked Na Balam the next day. 
What sold me to this particular resort was the fact that it was on an island away from the party people of Cancun, surrounded by some of the most gorgeous beaches I've ever seen and the fact that it was right on the beach. Although, the biggest reason for choosing this place were the daily yoga classes. Na Balam offers four classes a day, the first one as early as 7am and the latest at 6pm. 
All rooms came with either a spacious balcony or a little patio with sun loungers. This is the view from our second floor balcony. In front of us was the restaurant where they served complimentary continental breakfast (fresh fruits, home-made bread with jam, fresh squeezed orange juice and coffee/tea).  Right in front of the restaurant was the beach. Loved those breakfast moments.
This was the access to the poolside rooms and Vastu yoga school. Our room was on the beachside so we had to walk across the reception to get there. Just about a 3 min walk. This is a small resort.
The room itself was quite ascetic. This was actually a suite, but there was no couch, just a little lounge chair and a table on the corner next to the balcony. Bathroom was tiny, had a stand-in shower and water-pressure almost non-existent. I was completely fine with it since I'm used to low-budget traveling staying in local homes, but hubs was not very happy. So we ended up staying here just 4 nights.
The beach was quiet, very clean and simply stunning. Na Balam only has 35 rooms so there was always beach bed and umbrella available. It was too hot in the sun so we spent lots of time hanging in the water or under the umbrella.
This is the restaurant where we had breakfast, dinner and snacks. They also made fresh juices (including "detox juice"). Food was nothing to write home about and there were very few vegetarian options although the kitchen was very accommodating with my requests for meatless meals.
The yoga studio was bigger than I expected, floors were clean and the ceiling fans kept us comfortable. I loved doing yoga here! 


  1. We had a similar view from our balcony on our break in the Florida Keys this February. I must say your chosen resort looks beyond beautiful! I wish I was going for a vacay soon!

    1. Yes, nothing beats traveling! Although it is nice to come home too. The idea is to transform our lives so that we can take a trip every 2 months. That way there's always something to look forward to right around the corner! :)


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