Sunday, July 20, 2014


 It has been lovely having Saturdays off and heading out to our little farmer's market first thing in the morning. I so much rather shop this way than at the supermarket. I actually hate going to the supermarket which is why we usually get our veggies and fruits through a delivery service called Door to Door Organics that brings a box full of goodies right to our door once a week. These peaches above were super sweet and juicy, perfect for my smoothie and just to snack on when craving for something sweet.
After the farmer's market we went to hang out at our local bookstore and browse around, getting inspired and enjoying the atmosphere. There are very few independent bookstores left and I sure want to support them. So no more ordering books from Amazon. Except if I need an audio book... Oh, and we got towed back home from the middle of the highway one day when coming back home from the city. This is the second time in the past 3 months when our tire blows up. The sunset was beautiful though, if I have to think something positive from that evening :)
One day I spent couple of hours in downtown NYC just walking around the riverside while waiting for hubby to get out of a meeting. We also dined at Smorgas Chef and I had my favorite comfort food of all time: veggie meatballs, mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes, lingonberry jam and red cabbage slaw. So good! South Street Seaport sure has changed since my last visit (before hurricane Sandy) and I love the public hangout areas such as the picnic deck with sun chairs overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge. South Street Seaport was my favorite area when I first moved to NYC and I would walk there from my apartment in Lower East Side every single day when I was off from work. So I have warm memories from here. It was exciting time, moving to the city where I knew no one, started working in a brand new job and living in Lower East Side. Good times.
We also finally went to the beach! First time this summer and oh my, how wonderful it felt to walk (run) in the hot sand barefoot and feel the warm ocean breeze. I could live in the beach. No, seriously, I could. Long Branch Beach has become a favorite beach since it is only about a 50 minute drive away, it's clean and pretty. Previous posts about this beach can be found here and here. For all beach posts check this out. Follow me on Instagram here.

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