Sunday, July 6, 2014


I received a challenge a while ago from the lovely Tibs of Tib's Tips and I finally managed to put my answers together. I am the master of procrastination...

1. Your favorite clothing brand?

This is difficult because I've never been into brand name clothing. I get my stuff from street fairs, Indian markets, H&M, F21 and Strawberry... 

2. How would your dream house look like?

Ranch style (one-level) open floor plan beach cottage. Chef's kitchen and a little yard to grow veggies and herbs. It would also have a yoga and meditation room. 
3. What was your dream career when you were a child?

Dancer in Broadway musicals. I got pretty close to Broadway, but dancing I stopped before I even moved here. 

4. Scent you'll never forget?

Hmm... India.
5. Your biggest dream now?

To have a career that helps people to live happy and healthy and saves lives of animals. Be able to travel much more and not be stuck in one place.


  1. Thanks for the lovely answers!

    1. Thank for challenging me! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!!! XO


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