Monday, June 16, 2014


The other day we decided to leave the familiar neighborhood and head out to somewhere kind of new: Ridgewood, New Jersey. The first time I was here when meeting Alicia Silverstone at her book signing. Plan was to explore Ridgewood's vintage boutiques and have a light lunch outdoors since it was a beautiful, sunny day. 
We walked and walked, went to get green juices from a juice bar and finally found a cute restaurant called Mediterraneo that had quiet sidewalk tables in the sun. Lunch hour rush had just ended so we were almost the only people there. Our waiter recommended to get an appetizer of hummus, babagannoush and some olive-tomato-onion stuff that was served with warm pita bread. We pretty much stuffed ourselves with that since it was all so delicious. We also ate 2 baskets of pita bread... Oops.
So when our mains arrived we were not hungry one bit. Typical.


  1. I've been there! The food was good. It was also byob which is always nice.

    1. Yes! I was thinking next time we'll just bring a bottle of wine and eat the appetizers. Cute place!

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