Saturday, May 31, 2014


While at the Mind, Body, Spirit Expo few weeks back, I got to try some new natural beauty products and brought home two that I really digged. First one is concealer and bronzer from Jing Ai. Jing Ai products are formulated with the finest-possible USDA certified- organic ingredients including botanical and flower oils, natural mineral pigments, coconut oil and is 100% gluten & cruelty free. All their containers, pencils and tubes are made with recyclable materials. Comprised of natural fibers, paperboard is recyclable, biodegradable and compostable and printed with soy ink. Hands down this is the best concealer I've ever tried. Really gets the job done with the smallest amount of product used. The bronzer smells like roses (scent actually comes from organic rose oil)and gives a beautiful, healthy glow on your face. Been using it every day since getting it.

The second new find, a one step face wash, is inspired by the ancient Ayurvedic tradition using the highest quality botanical ingredients that are neither bleached nor chemically processed and refined. Om Botanicals uses pure, whole ingredients preserving the bio-activity and synergistic balance nature has created. Their products are fair-trade, organic, pH-balanced, contain no perfumes, no fillers, no synthetic compounds, are vegan, not tested on animals, hypo-allergenic and aloe-based (no water). Sounds quite perfect, right? And it works perfectly getting my face cleaned without leaving it dry. Double-score!

Donna Cristino is the founder of Jing Ai, which means Pure Love in Mandarin Chinese. Jing Ai is an eco – chic beauty brand inspired by timeless memories of the pure love received from her grandmother Rose who died of breast cancer. The products are named after different types of roses from around the world.


  1. Cool stuff, but I wonder how she bleaches her hair, because that doesn't look too natural..

  2. Wow Awesome Both are looking great thanks for sharing.


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