Sunday, April 27, 2014


April is almost over and it's been one awesome month. Weather has been quite all over the place, but hey, spring time can be unpredictable. Well, actually nowadays any season is very unpredictable. I feel like I've accomplished a lot in just one month. I've got myself back in shape by doing my yoga studio's 20 in 30 challenge (I've done so far 17 hot yoga classes), I've cleansed my body by doing a little spring detox and eliminated sugar, gluten, yeast, alcohol and caffeine from my diet (more about the detox soon) as well as passed my second test at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. 
I've cooked a lot more than normally since it is  hard to eat out (especially around the area I work at) when you can not have sugar or gluten (everything has them!). Good news is that Juice Press just opened last week in my work neighborhood so I get to enjoy their healthy goodies. Bad news is they are super expensive and I've spent a lot of money there. I just jeep telling myself: it's an investment for my health. I much rather buy green juices than new handbags and shoes...

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