Sunday, April 20, 2014


Finally found a plant Moses won't eat: aloe vera. This decorates out dining table.

Happy Sunday! My cleanse is already past halfway and I couldn't be happier. I haven't had major cravings for sweets like I did last year, just every now and then when all these super delicious raw cakes fill up my Instagram feed... I think that will be my first sweet treat, raw vegan cake. Or Donarts from our next door neighbor who owns an organic vegan truck. Or I might just have both...
I've also done tons of hot vinyasa yoga. Friday was my 14th class and I still have to do 6 more to win the challenge. Doing all this exercising, cooking every day, going to work and studying has got me super energized. Normally I would just crash on the couch after work, but no more. Those days when I work I've had only raw foods for lunch, so that might explain the extra energy. 
Happy Easter to those who celebrate! Eat wisely, enjoy.

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