Sunday, April 6, 2014


First week of the spring detox is almost over (today is day 6) and I feel great. I haven't had huge cravings for sweets, more for bread. I think that as long as I eat three proper meals a day, the cravings stay at bay. Doing hot yoga has also helped me to stay busy and focused. I've had some minor headache in the late evenings which is normal detoxing reaction, and I have not slept too well (keep waking up). There's only been one day at work when I was in total loss of energy (day 2 of the detox). Day 5 & 6 I've been feeling very energetic even I've been doing the morning shift at work both days. Oh, and my digestive system is working like a dream. 
I started a fresh batch of sprouts, have some gluten and yeast-free quinoa bread recipes to test and everything seems to be flowing really well so far. I've gone to yoga every day so far except Saturday because I had to work. Looking forward to seeing how I'm feeling during the second week! Let's hope the weather keeps warming up! All photos from my Instagram account.

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