Saturday, March 29, 2014


This was my first week back at work after my wonderful 3-week vacation and it was a bit rough start. But I'm over it now. Weather has not been nice this week, it's been cold and rainy, but I wish next week we'll have some spring time upon us. It would be important because I'm starting sugar detox April 1st and could use sun and warmth to help me keep on track. I'm combining hot yoga with it to accelerate the cleansing process. My yoga studio has one of those 20 classes in 30 days challenges starting on Tuesday so I'll be part of that to make it more fun.

Tried our local vegetarian Chinese restaurant Veggie Heaven for the first time ever and I'm really mad I didn't go there already years ago. It was really good and inexpensive! They also do fresh juices and we had their green juice for appetizers. What a great discovery.
I love cute little bakeries like these. Would be great if they had vegan options... 
I've brought oatmeal back to my breakfast routine. It's just been too cold to have green smoothies and my body is craving for something warm. During my detox I'm only allowed to have steel cut oats or other gluten-free varieties. No nuts, no honey. I usually mix my oatmeal with almond butter so that will have to do for sweetness. 
There's been a lot of desserts in our house this week (maybe because I know I won't be able to have them starting next week). Apple crumble and almond milk ice cream. Butter pecan. And I brought couple of Moomin dishes from Finland. Too cute.
My new pink Moomin bowl. 


  1. En ole tätä niin kauaa lukenut saatika sitten niin säännöllisesti, etten tiedä mitä teet työksesi? jos et halua kertoa, se on totally fine :) tulee vaan seurattua sinua tuolla instassa niin mielenkiinto heräsi :)

    1. Olen hotellissa midtown Manhattanilla conciergena. Toivottavasti en enaa kauhean kauan kuitenkaan...

    2. Okei, mielenkiintoista! Tsemppiä uuden työn hakuun, jos sitä siis etsit :)


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