Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Yet another year has passed by. 2013 had more travel involved than the previous years and I hope that's going to continue as we move forward to 2014. I also finally made the decision to change my career, which many of you know, has been long time coming. So I started a school and hopefully will build a fulfilling career in the next year.
We rang in the New Year 2013 in freezing Old Montreal, Canada. This was my first time in Canada and I loved the old European feel of Montreal. I also had an experience with a ghost in a haunted hotel...
I also took my first trip ever to the West Coast, Seattle to be more specific.
In May we celebrated Vappu by having a traditional bubbly picnic in Central Park with the Finns. What a lovely, warm day!
Same time we were ready for a change of scenery again and headed out to Orlando, Florida for a long weekend.
In June we took a short trip out to Los Angeles, California. This was my first time there and loved the laid-back California lifestyle. Convinced that we should live in California. Damn you Fukushima!
This year's theme picnic happened after all despite the bad luck with the weather. Blue Picnic was fun as expected and we had hot, sunny day in Central Park munching on blue goodies and cocktails. And took like a million photos.
This summer we finally managed to get a boat owner in to our social circles and had magnificent time cruising around Manhattan. Best feeling ever.
I picked up my hot Yoga training again and did it quite intensively the entire spring, summer and fall. I'm truly in love with it.
We got to experience summer in Finland, although the weather was not the best most days. It's been a while since I spent summer here and it was as good as I remembered. Despite the weather.
We also spent week in London and day Hampshire with some new friends. London totally rocks! My first time in London.
 In September I got the opportunity to do my first juice cleanse and partnered with Urban Remedy. Magical experience!
In October we attended Oktoberfest in Bear Mountain, not once, but twice. 
Thanksgiving was spent in Philly just enjoying the love of the city, great eats and relaxing. November I also joined IIN and started working hard towards my new career and lifestyle. 
In December us Finns had a little Xmas party where delicious foods and glogg were flowing. Another party worth mentioning was Annabella's awesome baby shower.
It's fun to look back where I've been and what has happen, but now it's time to face forward. I have so many plans and intentions for 2014 and I can't wait to get started.

Happy New Year!

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  1. what a GREAT year! I loved seeing these photos - the blue picnic is such a fun idea and now I really want to go to Montreal! xo B


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