Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I've slowly managed to find a healthier alternative for my chocolate obsession : dark chocolate. It took a long while to get used to the taste after eating sugar-laden milk chocolates most of my life. My previous boss was a lover of dark chocolate and she would sometimes send me to an amazing nearby store called The Meadow to get her chocolate fix (only 72% or stronger). She would always give me a piece of it to try and little by little I started liking it. By the way, The Meadow carries the largest variety of salt, chocolate bars, and cocktail bitters in the city. Must visit if you're in the West Village area! 
When people think of chocolate they think of the processed junk such as candy bars, but what many don't realize is that raw cacao, which is the bean from which we get chocolate, has many health benefits. Studies show that dark chocolate can contribute to lower blood pressure, overall heart health and cancer prevention. 
It's the number one natural source of magnesium and the richest antioxidant food in the world (vitamins A, C, and E). These antioxidants can improve energy, decrease sickness and even increase longevity. So all in all, a true superfood.
My favorite is anything with cacao nibs and sea salt. Sooo good! This is one of those healthy indulgences. Figuring out what you are craving and why, and then finding a healthier option for it. That is how you start a lifestyle change, one baby step at a time.

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  1. I love dark chocolate! It is really a little difficult to get used to the taste if you're a milk-chocolate lover, but with all the variations out there you simply cannot get bored. I am pretty obsessed with dark chocolate+mint combination, munching a piece right now. You should definitely try it, too! :)


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