Monday, December 2, 2013


This all went down one Sunday evening after a fun show at the New York City Center starring Sarah Jessica Parker. Very nice play, by the way. Theatre was small and intimate, Sarah Jessica Parker so petite and fit, and she has an amazingly shiny, perfectly colored hair, in case you were wondering. I was just admiring her hair most of the show time. I wonder who does her ombre. I'm sure it's no one I can afford any way.

Anyhow, Quintessence restaurant is located in the East Village (my favorite part of town) and serves 100% organic, raw vegan cuisine. I mean look at all this! Would you believe!? We ordered three dishes to share between the three of us and it was more than enough. Above is the Indian platter: Malai Kofta (chickpea vegetable balls in creamy almond curry sauce) and a side of some kind of wild rice and veggie salad.
Mexican platter: enchilada - golden flax and corn tortilla filled with `refried beans`, `cheese`, tomato and lettuce drenched with mole sauce and finished with a dollop of `sour creme` paired with one amazing tostada. served with guajillo.
Scallion Cheese Rolls: four light, yet satisfying nori rolls filled with tasty scallion creme "cheese" (or chipotle "cheese"), avocado, kalamata olives, red bell pepper, cucumber, caramelized onion, tomato and sprouts.
We all had their Electrolyte Lemonade to drink. This is not your traditional lemonade, it's creamy, more like a lemon shake. It's made with whole lemon, without the skin, blended w/ flax seed oil an essential fatty acids, fresh apple juice & raw agave nectar. Quite bitter, but I liked it! I'm a huge fan of sour things so it was right off my alley.

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