Monday, December 2, 2013


I think I ruined my eyes at a very young age when I discovered the exciting world of video games. But I refused to get glasses before I was about 20 years old and got my driver's license. That's when I was forced to get glasses due to the eye test part of the whole license getting thing. I wore glasses only when driving (which wasn't too often), because I felt like a looked like a complete goofball. But then about a year ago I came across Bonlook that sells really cool specs online and let's you try them on virtually. My first purchase from them was Alice Pecan Toffee (pictured). It feels great to see everything so clearly now and not the usual blur. And I really don't mind how I look in them...
Today you have a chance to get Bonlook glasses at GREATLY discounted prices! It's Cyber Monday! 


  1. wow you look good in those specs! I used to have glasses for so long but had an eye surgery as glasses didn't go well with my hobbies and I got allergies with contacts. the other day I had really good time with bonlook and trying specs and sunglasses, I would love to get a pair.. I'm just too scared to order via internet as specs never fit me in reality :D
    xx from Finland!

    1. Thank you SiniAnnika! I took my chances buying glasses online, but I couldn't be happier and already looking for my second pair. Something light beige this time...


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