Thursday, October 3, 2013


Hello loves!

I've been working more than usual this week since everyone is on vacation the same time it seems... Weather has been beautiful and I've been full of energy. Waking up at 4.30am and catching earlier train to work so that I can sit at the cafe and take it easy for an hour before work starts. Love it. Writing a lot. Photographing. Trying new healthful things.
This weekend is packed with fun things such as our friend's Speakeasy Vintage party (last year's party pics here) as well as the Zombie Walk (last year's pics here). So I'm looking forward to all the fun and friends I'll meet. Oh, and of course, get to play dress-up. Hope you have fun-filled/relaxing/inspiring weekend too! Follow snapshots of the events on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts!
P.S. Shout outs of the week go to: Madde (for rocking my teenage idol/god on her shirt), Saara (for living like a jet setter) and Lauryn (she got a book deal!)


  1. I wish I could jet set over to New York too! Have a nice weekend!


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