Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I've been normally opting for working out on an empty stomach because the other option, having my stomach full, is way worse. But during my hot yoga journey I've noticed that in order to get everything out of my workout, I must fuel myself somehow. Not with anything heavy, but something little in my belly makes me get more out of my routine, boost in my metabolism and energy. If I'm doing a morning class my regular green smoothie is all I need. But if I'm working out later in the day and if it's been too long since my last meal, I make sure that I charge up with a nutrient-dense and easy-to-digest food that picks me up without feeling bloated or heavy.
Bananas. This sweet fruit is potassium-rich, which makes it a great pre-workout snack. Potassium interacts with sodium and keeps your body properly hydrated. The magnesium prevents cramps and bloating. Bananas are also packed with nutrients like vitamin A, iron and potassium – all of which can help promote bone health. Smear some raw, organic almond butter on slices of banana or have a handful of almonds for added protein.

Almond Butter and Celery. I'm so not a fan of the taste of celery, but it's rich in protein, fiber, healthy fat and nutrients (vitamin A, calcium). The fat and protein give a “slow-release” energy which will keep you going. Spreading some almond butter on it makes it taste ok and almonds contain potassium, magnesium, and vitamin E, helping you to stay hydrated and giving your muscles staying power. Here's a good recipe for almond butter (because the ones at the stores are usually pasteurized...).

Avocado. They contain critical electrolytes like magnesium and potassium (60% more than a banana), which contributes to proper cell and muscle function. Most of the fat in avocados helps to lower bad cholesterol and promote lean muscle growth. Squeeze fresh lemon juice on cubed avocados and enjoy. You can also add spices such as himalayan salt and pepper.

Berries. High in fiber and low in sugar, berries are loaded with antioxidants and nutrients, making them an ideal pre-workout treat when paired with protein. 

Granola. Toss a small handful of granola into a bowl with a little almond or hemp milk. Opt for an organic, low-fat variety. Granola is a natural complex carbohydrate great for providing energy, a healthy fat and protein. Add some berries for extra kick.

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