Thursday, September 12, 2013


Photo shoot in Central Park with Laura S. Keller
Yes, I know it's not Wednesday, but it's been a busy week and I just was able to finish this post now, so here you go: The Late Wellness Wednesday edition!

Since I just participated Urban Remedy's 3-day juice cleanse I'm also part of their quest for the most admired bloggers. Therefore I'd like to introduce to you one of my motivators in the wellness blog world.

I've been a health enthusiast for quite a few years now. I remember trying a 7-day juice fast back when I was maybe 16-years old and since I was a little girl I took dance classes from jazz to hip hop to ballet to African, Indian, Balinese and so on. At around 16-17 years old I took my first yoga class with the world renowned (and quite handsome too, if I may say) yogi Petri Raisanen in Helsinki and fell in love. I continued taking his classes for about a year or so.
There's also been times when I've stopped exercising for years for no particular reason. But I always find my way back. I just got to wait for the motivation to creep up on me. My biggest motivators have usually been happy, energetic, fit people. Sometimes I meet them in person, sometimes I just read about them in websites, blogs or magazines. 

One of them is Lauryn Evarts whose lifestyle blog "Skinny Confidential" has inspired me to live well and look good for almost two years now. I love how she combines healthy living with having fun and not taking things too seriously. Who likes being serious all the time??? Not me, for sure... If ever.
Lauryn is a California girl residing in San Diego (I'm so jealous), teaching pilates, hanging out with a fit and beautiful group of people (and one extremely hot bf) and writes about wellness, fitness, better cocktails (we have common interest mixing kombucha and wine)and healthy, (mostly) plant-based recipes. Lauryn is also a smart business woman always coming up with new ideas and she can now call herself a website witch doctor too, offering blog consulting services at Blog-Doo.

Now get over to Skinny Confidential and show her some love!


  1. Love Skinny Confidential! Just found it through Skinny Bitches. She is gorg!

    1. Yes, she is! I think I might've also stumbled upon her blog through SB. So thank you Skinny Bees! :)


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