Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I'm super excited to collaborate with Urban Remedy for my first 3-day raw, organic, gluten-free juice cleanse. Urban Remedy was created with a simple philosophy: food is medicine. This message gets incorporated into all of their juice cleanses, shakes, and snacks. Urban Remedy uses only 100% organic ingredients, sourced directly from farms.

Why I'm doing a cleanse?

I must admit that I've tried a juice cleanse once before when I was about 15 years old (I started getting into this stuff at a very young age) and failed miserably. I was so hungry that I thought I was going to lose  my mind, so I gave up the second day. I think today I'm mentally stronger to go through it. Nowadays I work out nearly every day (walk, hot yoga), but even though I eat well most time, I'm nowhere near perfect and been feeling sort of off lately, probably due to traveling. I thought a juice cleanse might help balance my system and give me a new start in creating a long-lasting healthy lifestyle (or getting back to it).

With cleansing I also wish to unleash the natural healing power of my body, get rid of built up toxins by detoxifying my mind, body and soul (yes!), retrain my psychological connection to food (cravings, eating for boredom) and create healthy relationship with it, increase energy and reduce fogginess of mind.
Preparing for the cleanse: 

In order to maximize the results you should change your diet 3 days before the cleanse and eliminate dairy, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, meat, gluten and processed foods. Drink plenty (at least 8 glasses a day)of fresh, filtered water with lemon. I like my lemon juice fresh squeezed as well, it tastes so much better than bottled one.

Head to Urban Remedy’s website to learn more about their juice cleanses and meals they offer!

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  1. So excited you're doing this finally! I've been searching for low sugar cleanse since I'm trying to quit sugar so this seems promising! Can;t wait to hear how you did!


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