Monday, September 9, 2013


 Last Wednesday, I started a 3-day juice cleanse program and I'm still glowing from it! The package was delivered at 10:00am, having been overnighted in an insulated box and everything arrived well-chilled. I was home when the Fedex guy knocked on the door so I was able to get my precious non-pasteurized juices in to the refrigerator right away. 

Each cleanse(you can choose from Signature, Purify or Super Green Cleanse) contains 6 daily juices. Each bottle is labeled with a number to indicate the order in which you should drink them. It's recommended to drink them every two hours. I usually had my first one at 10am, because I'm not usually hungry too early in the morning. It is also recommended to start each day with a big glass of warm water and juice from half lemon. Lemon has been associated with boosting liver’s function and tissue regeneration, which is helpful while cleansing, as the liver is our main detoxifying organ.
Day 1: I'm not going to lie, I did get hungry and started craving all kinds of delicious, solid foods. I had my first juice at 10am, went to my regular hot yoga class at noon and after that I felt really hungry, like I always do. One bottle didn't do much so I drank another juice just an hour after the first. All afternoon I was hungry and trying to find things to occupy my mind so I wouldn't be thinking about food. I think it would've been better if I had been at work instead of home. After the juice #5, Warrior (chia seeds, raspberries and stevia) my hunger went away and I was ok for the rest of the evening.
Day 2: Second day was a little better. I had one juice in the morning around 10am, went to hot yoga class at noon, drank another juice right after class and another one an hour after that. My mind was not obsessively thinking about food this afternoon, like it did yesterday. I switched juices #4 and #5 so that I had the more fulfilling #5 at 4pm. Then I had juice #4 at 6pm, my last treat of the day #6 at 8pm.

Day 3: Since I had to work today I had my first juice at 8.45am, right after a big glass of filtered lemon water. I felt a little nervous being at work during the cleanse(I work in a hectic customer service environment), but most part my day went well. I was cheery and energetic even without my usual morning soy mocha. 

But then, around 1pm, I had to deal with an angry customer. The sudden explosion of stress from the situation got me a little light-headed, so I started drinking more water and had two juices within one hour in order to get over the dizziness, which worked. I was fine the rest of the evening, but was out of juice 3 hours before my shift ended and felt quite hungry by the time I got home that evening (8pm). I immediately had my last juice that was waiting for me in the fridge and kept drinking plenty of water until I went to sleep.

The next day I woke up energized before my alarm went off (very unlike me), took the earlier morning train to the city, went to my regular juice bar and ordered a big green juice and carrot-ginger soup. I walked to Central Park and sat there in the sun for an hour, just enjoying not feeling rushed or stressed. I kept drinking plenty of water while at work, had veg soup again for lunch and even said no when co-worker offered me a cronut! Yes, a cronut!
I was really happy with the flavors of the juices. They are made with minimal amounts of fruit and very low sugar content which suits me because I'm in the process of weaning myself away from all things sweet. If you compare sugar contents to other juice cleanses available out there you'll notice that Urban Remedy's sugar amounts are significantly lower. Even the one juice that tasted super sweet to me (#5 Warrior) surprisingly only had 6g of sugar per bottle.  

I warmly recommend Urban Remedy cleanses to anyone wanting to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle and gain energy, especially if you’re a sugar-conscious wellness warrior. 


  1. Mä olen halunnut detoxata jo kauan ja nyt jotenkin sun innostamana teen tämän. Pitää vain löytää täältä Euroopan kamaralta jokin yhtä houkutteleva detox-paketti. Kiitos tästä!

    1. Suosittelen lampimasti! Edelleen ihanan kevyt olo ja aamuisin heratessa ei tunnu normaalia vasymysta vaan paasee ylos helposti. Joka ei siis ole normaalia mulle. En ole normaalisti aamuihminen sitten olllenkaan...

  2. Mulla on jo muutaman viikon pyörinyt mielessä mehupaasto. Vähän vain jännittää, että miten sitä jaksaisi spinning tunneilla mehulla.. :/ p.s. Jätin sulle blogiini kivan haasteen! :)

    1. Suositeltavaa on ettei raskasta liikuntaa harrastaisi, mutta minahan en joogaa valiin jattanyt ja jaksoin ihan yhta hyvin kuin normaalistikin. Kunhan vaan muistaa juoda ennen, tunnin aikana ja jalkeen tarpeeksi vetta, vetta, vetta! Ja kiitti haasteesta, vastaaminen aloitettu! Jos huomenna olisi hiljainen paiva toissa niin voisi saada sen valmiiksikin. :)


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