Sunday, September 15, 2013


Here comes the exciting part of the week: Style Sunday, where you'll see some ordinary outfits :). It has been warm, but mornings are starting to get quite chilly. So if I have to go to work early morning (such as 6am)I'm usually wearing a light jacket or a poncho and a scarf. When I get off work in the late afternoon it's really warm and I'm wearing way too many clothes, sweating my butt off.
Hope you've had a fun weekend! I've been just working. We were actually suppose to be in Amsterdam Thu-Mon, but 2 hours before the flight we had to cancel due to hubs' job. There was just too much going on for him to just leave and be ok about it. Luckily his company will reimburse our tickets and hotel so it's alright. We'll see you another time Amsterdam! It just wasn't meant to be this time.

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