Thursday, August 29, 2013


Old Pot And Pan 'ad Kathy Burke meetings in London wite before our vacation so I decided ter tag along yet again. I explored the bleedin' city of London for Bo-le Of Glue days by myself before 'e was able ter join me. We also 'ad local guide/old China Plate Danny who showed us the bloomin' Mae West nickle and dime ever. Our beautiful flat was in Westminster which i'll review mashed potato on. In the meanwhile enjoy the photos. (written in Cockney)
And so that you non-Londoners can understand: Husband had work meetings in London right before our vacation so I decided to tag along yet again. I explored the city of London by myself for two days before he was able to join me. We also had a local guide/old friend Danny who showed us the best time ever. We spent week in London and stayed in a really nice apartment in Westminster, which I'll review at some point. 
London was beautiful, clean, homey, pleasant, polite, cars were small and drove like crazy and I had to run for my life at all times, weather was warm sunny every single day opposite my expectations, there were way less dogs on the streets than I'm used to, everything was quite expensive and all food we had was excellent (more about our culinary experiences in London later on).
Big Ben
Parliament Buildings near Big Ben
Outside The National Gallery
We loved London! Hope to be back real soon!
P.S. Any readers from Amsterdam? We might be coming for a little trip over there in the next couple of weeks. It would be my first time in Netherlands so any tips on restaurants and things to see are welcome. Also, any blogs from Amsterdam? Or just blog posts about Amsterdam? I'm planning on getting to know the city before I get there so I can get everything out of it in just three short days...


  1. Oh, that cockney part was so hilarious! London is London, always fantastic what ever the season or weather is.

  2. As a cat lover you might like the Cat Boat (De Poezenboot):

    Other than that, there's an area called Nine Streets/Negen Straatjes (more info here: which is quite nice for walking around, browsing the small boutiques, stopping for a cup of coffee etc. Amsterdam is a pretty compact city so walking is not an issue and the braver tourists like to rent bikes - though I might not recommend it unless you are prepared to stand the other, sometimes less experienced tourist cyclists and their unexpected stops and turns ;) I know I wasn't patient enough for that!

    1. Thanks for the tips! And I'm so going to visit the cat boat! How amazing is that! Got to make sure I'll bring some treats.


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