Friday, August 30, 2013


Even London is not known for it's food, I must say that every single meal we had was amazing. Even outside London in Hampshire, where we spent a day with new friends. Of course, we had to try Korean restaurants, twice, while out there and yes, I was impressed. First one was modern Bi Bim Bap in Soho where they had nice selection of vegetarian dishes such as the above kimchi bibimbap and kimchi pancakes pictured below.
Our local friend Danny took us to one of his favorite places, Carom at Meza, but as it turned out, they had changed the entire concept and we're now Pan Indian instead of Mediterranean. It was a gorgeous place so we stayed anyway. Happy we did since the food was amazing.
Mango lassi to start. Yes, it had vodka and brandy in it. Amazing!
DAHI BELLAE, lentil dumplings, yoghurt, chutney
PANEER & PEA CURRY, Saffrani pilau rice. I also had dessert, but for some reason it disappeared from my plate faster than I could snap a picture. I had Kulfi Sampler with pistachio & lychee. Kulfi is Indian ice cream.
The next day we had lunch at Harrod's Galvin Demoiselle. Harrod's had impressive food court, but otherwise I wasn't excited about the store. Not my cup of tea. I prefer flea markets, ya know.
Delicious wild mushroom risotto. So good. I'm a huge fan of risottos, but unfortunately very few places get it just right. Risotto is a complex dish despite it's simplicity. Galvin Demoiselle got it right. Yum!
InSpiral in Camden Town is a place I must visit next time. Raw, organic vegetarian spot right by the canal.
After browsing back and front Camden Market we stopped by Cotton's Caribbean Restaurant for beverages and meaningful conversations with strangers. We sat in the table outside with a couple that was going to move to Sierra Leone to teach locals about the importance of organic, plant-based foods, sustainability and how you should "let thy food be your medicine". Awesome people.
Yup, yet another Korean restaurant, Assa. Extremely friendly and flexible service, delicious kimchee, tofu and pancakes. 


  1. A very yummy post! Your pics came out great, it seems. It felt like I was dining there with ya guys!

    I'm glad you made it to Camden. I thought it would totally be your kind of place;)

    Susu Paris Chic

    1. I'm investing on a new lens for my camera this month, so I can take even better photos in Amsterdam where we're (hopefully) headed soon. I'm saying hopefully because you never know when we have to cancel due to the nature of my husband's job.

      Yes, Camden was totally my kind of place! I didn't shop though, just 2 tank tops, that's it. I'm sticking quite well with my no-shopping policy!

  2. We share a love for Korean food and meaningful conversation. Great post :)

    1. Thanks Kirsten! I can't wait for my juice cleanse to be over so I can have some spicy Korean kimchi stew. That's what I dream about nowadays... :)

  3. Oho, är du nu i London!!! Vilken resa! Wau!!


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