Thursday, August 22, 2013


While in Helsinki we had dinner with my parents in this unique restaurant called Kellohalli that operates in an old slaughterhouse. The area was constructed in 1933 when it housed the City of Helsinki's abattoir (slaughterhouse). Used for wholesale in the recent years, the historical compound is now being taken over by citizens. The historical spaces are under gradual renovation and preparing for the next chapter as a playground for urban culture. Can't wait to see what comes out of it in the next few years.
This gazpacho was excellent! I'm a huge gazpacho fanatic and critic since I spent one summer in the Hamptons eating the best gazpacho ever made by a private chef in a mansion we lived. He prepared it at least three times a week since our boss loved it.
My main course: I've totally forgotten what was in this dish, but I think it had goat cheese inside and it was served on a nice bed of crunchy cabbage, string beans and snow peas. Yum! 
Service was swift, friendly and attentive and our server mastered the menu both in Finnish and in English. Bravo! Great choice daddy! :)

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