Friday, August 23, 2013


Riding Jopos around town. Mine pink, his green.
Early evening coffee stop at Cafe Strindberg's terrace. Very pretty soy mocha for me.
Every time I'm here I have to take photo sitting on the seal protecting the nude lady in the middle named Havis Amanda. I have one from when I was about 5 years old, and one from our last trip here together.
Storm coming in at Market Square.
Birch trees.
Katajanokka. Plan is to purchase a summer apartment here so I can come and relax three months out of the year. If anyone's selling, let me know. Ocean view is a must. :)
Tourist photos at Helsinki Cathedral.
This is how close you can get with snow leopard in Helsinki. I literally had my nose against her nose (ok, there was thick glass between us). Such cute little kitty at Korkeasaari Zoo.
Yup, you can also get up close and personal with reindeers in Helsinki. True story. I got pictures to prove it.
Rooftop terrace of restaurant Loiste


  1. Such lovely shots! I was jamming the same stuff about a month ago. How did your hubs like it? Getting that summer apartment is a great idea. Maybe I could rent it from you for a while?

    Susu Paris Chic

    1. Thanks Susu! Once we hit that lottery jackpot I'll buy our summer hideaway in Katajanokka. With rooftop terrace and ocean view. Whenever we're not there it's up for grabs! :)

      Hubs enjoyed the food, the Turku castle, the quiet streets and above all, the cider. I've never seen anyone get so excited about cider. I didn't drink any cider, because I think it's just too sweet for my taste buds nowadays, but he sure emptied couple of Alepas. :)

      Have a great weekend! XO


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