Friday, August 9, 2013


This is where you find me on my days off reading, writing or just getting my 30 minutes/day of direct Vitamin D from the sun. This is also where I grow six organic tomato plants that just keep on growing very tall, but produce no fruit. I've been told that I started feeding them plant food too late. Darn it! I thought tomatoes were “No Green Thumb Required” kind of plants...
This helps me get through a day with hot yoga. I do prefer this one, but since I'm all out, this is the second best. 
Trying different greens powders continuously. This one is good addition to my green smoothie.
We went all out and got our babies a water fountain since they love t drink from the faucets. This one is better because it filters the water. And we only use filtered water to begin with so it's basically double filtered. Only the best for our little kittens.
Organyc tampons contain no synthetics, no SAPs (Super Absorbent Powders = made from polymers that are derived from crude oil) and no wood pulp. For good hygiene, Organyc tampons are bleached only in hydrogen peroxide, a naturally occurring disinfectant. Why you don't want bleach in your vajayjay?


  1. thank you for including the organyc lady product in your post. this was something i hadn't thought about switching over to organic nor did i know i could. great thought!

  2. Also a thanks from me for including the organic san pro. Have you thought about using a Mooncup instead? They are the greenest san pro available, since one cup should last about 10 years.

    1. Yes, actually close friend of mine here in NYC recommended it to me, but I have yet to buy one. I think I'll add it to my list of things to buy for next week since I'm back from my vacation and it's time to start improving and progressing in life again. It starts from small things! :)


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