Saturday, July 20, 2013


 It's been terribly hot and humid this week, but I was lucky since I only had to work Monday and Tuesday. NYC gets disgustingly stinky and dirty in this weather so I'm doing my best to stay away. Our town pool looks really inviting every day I'm walking from hot yoga back home.
 I've been doing hot yoga every day this week, despite the heat. There's a group of us at the studio the teachers call the warriors, because we're just always there, no matter what the weather is. Like that T-shirt? Meow!
 I love this wall that is hiding the construction zone of Lululemon store that's opening up in our town very soon. Very inspiring!
 I finally purchased sun umbrella from Amazon ($67, free 2-day shipping, love Amazon Prime!) so now our tiny yard can be transformed to my outdoor office. Nowadays I work from home once a week writing our hotel blog and writing it outdoors makes my imagination run wilder. Although this week I needed to get back inside by 12pm because it just gets too hot. On the left hand side you can also see one of my six organic tomato plants. They all seem to be doing well so hopefully soon I'll be eating some fresh heirloom tomatoes. Yay!
 I started a cleanse ten days ago and I'm feeling better than ever! Green smoothies and yoga are playing even bigger part in my life right now assisting in the detox process. I did not expect to feel this different when I started the cleanse. I feel lighter, skinnier (no bloating stomach anymore!) and have way more energy. I'll write more about the details of the cleanse soon, once it's over.
My view during lunch break on Monday. There were not too many other people in the park, because once again, it was extremely hot. So I got a nice bench all to myself and chowed down my home made kale salad.
Hope your weekend has been wonderful!


  1. your little garden looks so nice, this is what I want too when we move :) can't wait to get details for the cleansing, i've been for 3 weeks at the inlaws and I don't feel good ( the mom can't accept that I like to eat differently and forces her ways and meat in the food...) I hope the heat drops soon! xx

    1. Hey Sini! Too bad to hear that she still hasn't come around... It took a while for my husband too. So probably wait until you move to your own place before starting any kind of detox :)

      This is my day 10 without sugar, wheat, dairy, caffeine and alcohol and I feel great. So much energy, no bloated stomach at any hour of the day and just feel overall lighter. I'm taking strong herbal tincture and pills twice daily so those might also contribute to the energy factor. But wow! What a difference!

      Today is actually the day when we're suppose to get some rain and that brings the temperatures finally down a bit. All next week we're still looking at 30c, but it's still way better than 35c...

      Hope you're enjoying your weekend and stay strong! XO

  2. Very jealous of your outdoor office! It's been cooler here recently (around 38C instead of 45C) but it's still a bit too hot to really enjoy the outdoors. And the monsoon season has started so it's been humid as well, ugh.


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