Wednesday, July 10, 2013


It was hot as can be day in the dirty, stinky city of New York and I was at work dealing with a busy hotel and complaining customers. I had hoped to snuck out early and leave my colleague by himself and that golden opportunity presented itself when I received a text message telling me to go to the Boat Basin and hop on a boat. So I did. I left the dusty city behind and let the river refresh me from stress, anxiety and sweat. I poured myself a cold drink and just enjoyed the ride. Oh, how I love days like this.

There is much healing provided by the sea. The rough sounds of the sea’s waves are soothing and its salt can purify you. Sit quietly and visualize the ocean in your mind’s eye. Allow all of your senses to participate in your mental journey. Feel the tiny grains of sand beneath your feet and the cool spray of mist; hear the sea’s waves meet the beach and retreat; smell the salt in the air. Watch the sun’s rays play over the ocean’s surface. As each new wave of seawater approaches, imagine it carrying healing energy toward you. The magnificent ocean in your thoughts is sending you light and love while the sun supports your healing efforts and Mother Earth grounds you in the moment so healing can occur. When you feel you are finished, grant the ocean your earnest gratitude for the aid it has given you. Thank the sun, the sand, and any other elements of your visualization that offered you guidance.


  1. How sweet to get away like this! I also enjoyed reading about the sea meditation. I need the presence of water. In Paris it used to be the Seine, now the Saint Lawrence.

    Susu Paris Chic

  2. It's good to be near the water. Maybe not live in this time, but at least have the opportunity to visit as often as possible. Yesterday on our way to the beach, we were driving down the Jersey Shore we saw so many houses on the Ocean Avenue (narrow strip of a road that goes along the shore line) that were still under repair due to hurricane Sandy. I can't imagine people still buying houses over there. Those scary storms are just going to get worse in the future... I mean, yeah, I love the idea of a beach house, but here it's just not a very good idea anymore. Unfortunately. But living maybe 30 minute drive away from the ocean would be amazing!


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